Participant booth fees are based on booth size + specific event. For the August 28th – August 30th 2020 event, the booth fees are as follows:

5′ x 10′ booth (indoors) = $675
5’ x 10’ booth (outdoors) = $675

10′ x 10′ booth (indoors) = $950
10’ x 10’ booth (outdoors) = $950

*Stating corner spots are an additional $150

Unfortunately, no. Our mission with our events is to provide a certain ambiance for event-goers. For this reason, participants location is strategically curated so that we provide the best possible experience.

Our event is largely by invite-only; however, we provide the opportunity for brands to apply for a booth space. If accepted, then we will reach out to you via phone and/or email. Please note that there is a $25 non-refundable fee to process applications.

We strongly urge that only brands practicing sustainability apply. No brands will be accepted if not a sustainable brand. All applicants must have a website and a social media presence. We also require photo submission of your setup from past events.

For those merchants applying to become a participant, once accepted, you will pay your booth fee either by credit card or by PayPal. We will provide this information to all merchants who are accepted.

We encourage all participants to apply or provide interest as soon as possible, as there are limited booth spaces available during each event. Every event has an application deadline. If an event fills all booth spaces, that event will appear as “sold out” on our website.

Participants who are not accepted into Conscious Coterie will be contacted via email.

If you miss the application deadline, please email us directly to be placed on the waitlist.

We do not issue refunds or booth credits for participant cancellations.

If an event sells out of booth spaces, you can submit your information and application to be added to our waitlist. You will be notified by email if a space opens up and you have been accepted. You will then be required to send your required booth fee via PayPal or Venmo.

For those brands that want to apply, tell us your story! Tell us about yourself, your products, and what makes you a sustainable brand. Include working links to your website and social media profiles. Attach high-res product images and submit with your application.


Participants are required to bring their own displays and fixtures. For outdoor participants, you are required to bring your own 10’x10′ canopy tent with weights. Canvas tents must be white. There are no exceptions to this. Electricity will not be provided unless requested and approved in advance.

All participants can rent their tables and folding chairs from Conscious Coterie. Pricing for those items are as follows:

6′ Table = $10 per day
Folding Chair = $5 per day per chair

No Vinyl/PVC (polyvinyl chloride) signs are allowed due to the high toxicity of the material + the environmental impact of production. Custom-made signage is highly recommended. If a participant arrives with Vinyl/PVC signage, they will be asked to remove it.

Signage that you bring must clearly showcase the brand name. All participants are also required to bring signage that articulates 100% transparency in how your company actively incorporates sustainable practices. This signage can be in the form of a standing banner, hanging banner, brochures, flyers, or paper print-outs.

Transparency guidelines will be provided to all approved merchants.

Please contact us directly if you have an unusual set up or require any special consideration.

For the August 2020 event in Los Angeles, there will only be one set-up day, which is Friday, August 28th. The building will be closed and locked at the close of each day so participants do not have to set up again for that Saturday and Sunday. Set-up on that Friday will begin at 9am PST.

Break-down will begin on that following Sunday, August 30th, after the event closes, approximately at 6pm PST. Participants will have 3 hours to fully break down and remove all materials from the premises.

It is required that all participants hold a valid California seller’s permit required by state law. Apply for one, HERE. Participants are required for paying state and local sales taxes collected in the region in which they are selling. Please see your local, county and state tax boards for specific sales tax rates. If you are a food or drink participant, upon acceptance you will need to apply for a temporary food facility permit, and abide by the health code regulations as stated by the Los Angeles County Health Department.

Participants are responsible for any business or personal insurance necessary to cover liability for all activities made at Conscious Coterie, to itself, event attendees, and the venue partner. The participant waives all responsibility and liability from Conscious Coterie, its venue partners and its owner.

Accepted participants will be emailed correspondence welcoming them to Conscious Coterie. Within that Welcome Email, you will find attached documents that outline the event along with appropriately-sized flyers and banners for social media promotion. We will include information about Conscious Coterie, about the event, and instructions on publishing and promoting your participation.


The next event will be taking place from August 28th – August 30th, 2020 and held at Evolve Project LA, located at 1921 Blake Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039. We will soon be publishing information on the next event in December.

On Friday, August 28th, we will require all participants to set up their booth space. During these set-up hours, you will be responsible for finding street parking.

During event times, we will have a valet company responsible for parking attendee and participant cars. Participants who wish to valet their vehicle are responsible for paying valet fee.

Yes. Evolve Project LA has WiFi available.

Conscious Coterie will be providing all participants with three (3) complimentary attendee tickets that they are free to give to friends and family. Additional tickets will cost $15 (pre-sale) or $20 at the door. Tickets can be purchased HERE.



1921 Blake Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(213) 246-2200

From Blake Avenue
We will have a welcome station off of the alley, to the left of the front door.

The facility is close to public transportation and is easily accessible from Highways 2, 5, 10 and 110.


Special Needs + Disability Assistance
Main entrances are handicap accessible, as are all restrooms.