Our mission is to be game changers in the small – midsize eco-retail space. We want to provide an interactive and fun experience while also supporting all of the amazing conscious brands that we have grown to love.
Conscious Coterie Founders Yolanda Rapp and Beth Clarke

We were told we were crazy. We’re glad we didn’t listen…

When we’re able to buy what makes us feel good about our purchases, we can in turn live our best lives. We’ve spent a lot of money on mass-produced goods, but those goods never provided us with the love and trust brands with a conscience give us.

We are changing that by building one of the first and largest eco-conscious marketplace. Our strict policies in screening all of the brands that participate offer shoppers the confidence that they need to feel great about supporting and purchasing products on-site. We require all brands to provide 100% transparency, be it in the process of sourcing and manufacturing, through their brand’s signage at every booth.

Some call it ethical shopping. We call it a revolution.

In addition to providing a unique and fun shopping experience to everyone walking through the door, we also strive to provide the ultimate educational experience. All of our events will also host private film screenings.

“After watching the River Blue chronicles and The Deadly Cost of Fashion documentary I knew I would never be the same. They were the driving force in creating Conscious Coterie. I hope they will inspire others to step, take action, and protect our planet.” ~ Yolanda Rapp

We invite you to explore and begin to shop with a clear conscience.

Signature of Yoli and Beth

Yolanda Rapp and Beth Clarke
Co-Founders, Conscious Coterie


What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing, also called “green sheen”, is a form of marketing spin in which green PR and green marketing are deceptively used to persuade the public that an organization’s products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly and therefore ‘better’; appeal to nature.

We created an outdoor exhibition area called the Greenwashing Lounge. The goal is to expose the deceitful and dishonest marketing tactics implemented by businesses trying to convince us that their products are sustainable and their practices are ethical. The Greenwashing Lounge experience will transform an even more conscious shopper.

Conscious Coterie Greenwashing Alert
Boxed Water is Better

The bottled water conundrum

Shifting the customer’s focus from a company’s appalling behaviors to something that’s peripheral.

Sustainability promises aside, only about 31% of plastic bottles end up getting recycled, which means that “the face of positive change” creates millions of tons of garbage every year, much of which ends up in landfills or the ocean.

And the water that goes in the bottles is often equally unsustainable. Nestle’s Arrowhead water claims that “Mother Nature is our muse” and boasts that it “has a team of experts dedicated to watching over each one of our 13 spring sources” to ensure responsible water stewardship. This sounds promising until one considers that those springs are in California, which has been in a state of drought for five years. The company also bottles water in Arizona and Oregon, both of which are also experiencing droughts.

Boxed Water is Better

How fast fashion is destroying the planet

The environment and economy are paying the price for fast fashion — but there’s hope.

More than 60 percent of fabric fibers are now synthetics, derived from fossil fuels, so when our clothing ends up in a landfill (about 85 percent of textile waste in the United States goes to landfills or is incinerated), it will not decay.

But don’t worry, solutions are available. For shifts to happen, it has to be really strong-minded changemakers poking people with a stick, it has to be economically viable, or it has to be put down in law. But it’s on the brands. And the poking can come from consumers; it can be something as simple as a boycott — “We’re not going to buy this stuff anymore, this stuff is terrible, change it up.” Look how quickly we got rid of plastic straws. It shows that consumers can push brand new companies and businesses to change very fast if we put our minds to it.

Clothing Landfill Fast Fashion Destroying the Planet

What we're doing to spread awareness and promote change

You’ve probably heard us say it – We’re NOT just a marketplace. We are a MOVEMENT.

Conscious Coterie Features Introduction to Vendors


It is our goal to invite hundreds of sustainable brands to every one of our events. We invite them because we fully believe in who they are and what they stand for. It is our goal to then connect these great companies to like-minded shoppers.

Conscious Coterie Features Support to Vendors


Often times, smaller brands experience price-resistance from consumers who don’t want to pay a premium. This is why we aim to host events in numerous areas. We want to show brands that there is a HUGE audience searching for exactly what they’re selling.

Conscious Coterie Features Education about Sustainability


Our intention is to not just offer a shopping experience. Our goal is to spread awareness and educate. For this reason, we insist that all of our participating brands provide educational material and showcase 100% transparency through their signage.

Conscious Coterie Inspire Goal


One of our main goals is to inspire audiences. Every event will feature guest speakers, inspirational brands, authors and influencers. We attendees to truly get inspired, learn and walk away transformed.

Conscious Coterie Features Education on Sustainability


Conscious Coterie provides an atmosphere that’s lively, inviting and interactive for our attendees and vendors. It’s a weekend of music, Instagram walls, cocktail kick off event, food trucks, art installation lounge areas, private film screenings and more.

Conscious Coterie Features Growth with Brands


With every event, we aim to grow our Conscious Coterie community. The insight gained from seeing how communities respond will enable us to make each and every event more known and more highly-attended. Our goal is for all of our attendees to spread the word to their families and friends. THIS is how change begins.

88% Of Consumers Want You To Help Them Make A Difference

Does your brand help people change the world for the better?

Over the past years the need for ‘sustainable lifestyles’ has become an imperative. Brands have a huge potential to unleash a positive impact. Brands influence our behaviors, our aspirations, our insecurities and even our definition of success and happiness. That creative power is potent.

Conscious Coterie Don't Want Humanity to Go Extinct
Conscious Coterie Thank You Greta Thunberg

Let's continue Greta's global climate movement

“I am telling you there is hope. I have seen it. But it does not come from governments or corporations. It comes from the people.” ~ Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg “has succeeded in creating a global attitudinal shift, transforming millions of vague, middle-of-the-night anxieties into a worldwide movement calling for urgent change,” the editors of Time wrote in December, when they named her the magazine’s 2019 person of the year.

“Greta has not accepted what is happening in the world and neither are we,” says Founders Yoli and Beth. “If we can provide an educational platform while also supporting sustainable brands and offering a truly unique experience, we’re going to do everything we can to keep these events going year in and year out.”

Conscious Coterie Thank You Greta Thunberg


In the coming weeks, we will be announcing information and the ability to purchase attendee tickets, opening up participant applications, launching all of our exhibitor details, and more!