Evolve Project LA
1921 Blake Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039
August 28th – 30th 2020

We are partnering up with Evolve Project LA for our event in LA! The 20,000 sq ft indoor and outdoor complex provides a beautiful, inviting layout.

Makers and merchants are encouraged to apply and includes handcrafted makers, crafters, designers, small brands, local shops, artists, specialty service providers, and local charities/non-profit organizations who focus on sustainability practices.

Attendees get access to a highly curated and interactive event and exhibit with vendors to shop, a cocktail event (Friday, June 5th), food, Instagram walls, pop-up shops, photo booths, gift bags, and more.

Our attendees come to feel inspired, shop, learn, mix, mingle, and cultivate new friendships in an amazing and beautiful environment!

The mission of Conscious Coterie is to create an environment that supports and embraces sustainable efforts + the spirit of entrepreneurship. Vendor participation in our events is by INVITE ONLY. However, if you are a brand with a focus on sustainable efforts and you believe that your company would be a good fit, we invite you reach out to us to begin the application process.

Participant cost is based on booth size and needed add-ons. Participants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as there are limited booth spaces for each event date. Applications are open on a rolling basis, with participants being notified upon their acceptance. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee.

Read on for more information!

Vendor Event Pricing Details

Conscious Coterie Soap Vendor
Conscious Coterie Coffee Vendor
Conscious Coterie Clothing Vendor

Interested in participating?
Contact us to inquire.

Participant cost is based on booth size and required add-ons. We are offering an EARLY-BIRD special for those who reserve their spot by June 30th, 2020.

All reservations include all event dates (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

5′ x 10′ booth (indoors) = $600
5’ x 10’ booth (outdoors) = $600
10′ x 10′ booth (indoors) = $875
10’ x 10’ booth (outdoors) = $875

5′ x 10′ booth (indoors) = $675
5’ x 10’ booth (outdoors) = $675
10′ x 10′ booth (indoors) = $950
10’ x 10’ booth (outdoors) = $950

Participants may rent tables and folding chairs from Conscious Coterie. For outdoor vendors only, the participants can bring their own 10’x10’ canopy tent with weights, or they can choose to rent from Conscious Coterie.

All Conscious Coterie events are held rain or shine, unless otherwise called-off in advance due to severe weather. In cases of inclement weather during markets, ensure you come prepared with canopy tent walls, tarps and other necessities to protect you, your shoppers and your product against the elements.

Booth fees will be issued as booth credit for a rescheduled or future market, if a market is cancelled in its entirety due to being called-off or in cases of emergencies.

There are no refunds or booth credits for participant cancellations after submission of the market application + booth fee, regardless of when an acceptance is given. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee. For vendors who are accepted, this application fee will be put towards the booth fee.

We’re starting a revolution.

Sustainability is not a trend. It’s what is needed to save our planet.

Conscious Coterie Vendor Chatter

“This eco-conscious marketplace will undoubtedly prove to be a place where innovative small businesses can grow, thrive, and help make the world a greener place.”


Looking to connect with conscious shoppers?

Join Conscious Coterie, where hundreds of conscious businesses gather to connect with like-minded shoppers.

“FINALLY! These women are bringing their talents to the West Coast for an event. As a brand with a focus on sustainable efforts, I am excited to be participating!”

Conscious Coterie Vendor Chatter

Focused on transparency.

Pushing ‘holistic transparency’ so customers know about you and how your business operates.

Conscious Coterie Vendor Chatter

“An event where small, sustainable brands can actually be connected with customers with similar social and environmental aspirations!”

We support indigenous artisans.

We aim to showcase the amazing people, their process, and the materials they work with.